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Restretching, Refastening and Carpet Repair

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Stretchingcarpet repair in Denver

Whether your carpet was poorly installed or it has just developed air pockets and wrinkles over time, we will be there to restretch and refasten it and leave it looking like it should! We use power stretchers that mechanically stretch your carpet taught and then we trim off excess and re-secure the edges.

Don’t settle for someone who will come in and rely on knee stretching only to repair your buckled carpet. When you go with us, our carpet repair in Denver and the Metro Area is guaranteed for a two year period, and we have the experience to get it done right the first time!

We do the heavy lifting! That includes moving furniture, breaking down bed sets, and putting it all back into place when we are done. Our service is world-class.


If you have carpet edges that are coming loose, or uneven / loose seams, our carpet repair technicians will accurately and securely retack them and leave you with a guaranteed result that does your carpet justice. Common problem spots are edges where your carpet comes up against a doorway or another flooring surface. Whatever the cause, we have the cure.


When your carpet has holes, tears or spots that are beyond repair, we can perform the necessary patchwork to save you from a whole-room replacement. No need to throw a rug over the problem spot either! Our carpet patchwork repairs, just like all of our other carpet services, are fully guaranteed.

Advanced Spot Treatment

It’s amazing what a wide variety of stains and spills can happen to your carpets; and it’s even more amazing what a wide variety of spills can be removed through our advanced spot treatment services. Whether you have glue, motor oil, paint or polish, give us a call and let us put our professional knowledge to the test.

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