Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Tips for Reducing Dust Mites and Odors

The bad news is, mattresses are known offenders when it comes to accumulating dust, dust mites, spills and odors. The good news is, there are ways to prevent this accumulation and also to clean and protect mattresses on a regular basis. Colorado Carpet Care offers mattress cleaning in Denver and nearby locations.


First, protect your mattresses and pillows with allergen-blocking covers. Wash bedding frequently, and dust and vacuum bedrooms on a regular basis.

These steps help to slow down the dust mite accumulation process. But they will not stop it from happening altogether.

Have Your Mattresses Professionally Cleaned

Regularly hire out a reputable cleaning company like the professional technicians here at Colorado Carpet Care to come in and thoroughly clean (soil removal, sanitizing, deodorizing and protecting) the mattresses throughout your home.

Not only will you extend the life of your mattress, but you will be doing your entire family a huge favor. Allergen reduction is a hot issue these days, and the bedroom is a major culprit in reducing indoor air quality (it is said that up to 60% of the dust mites in your home are found living in your beds).

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Mattress Cleaning