Pet Stain Removal

Carpet Care for Pet Owners – Pet Stain Removal

Colorado Carpet Care is pleased to offer pet stain removal in Denver and surrounding areas. Pets, while excellent companions, are not always so wonderful for our indoor environments. When your faithful friends leave stains and pet odors behind on your carpets, we’ll be there to clean them up! We remove problem stains and odors and replace them with a clean smell and soft-to-the-touch feel that you can trust.

Sources of Pet Stains

Here are just a few of the many ways pets can damage your carpets:Pet Stain Removal

  • Tracked-in Dirt
  • Accidents
    • Urine
    • Blood
    • Vomit
    • etc…
  • Pet odors from fur (contact with other animals/plants)
  • Dander (unseen but an allergen for many people)

Besides removing the stains and pet odors, our carpet cleaning treatments drastically reduce pet dander and dust mites that accumulate in your carpet fibers. Dust mites and pet dander are an unfortunate reality of life with pets, and no matter how clean you keep your home they are bound to accumulate over time. It’s just another great reason to regularly have our technicians come and clean your carpets, the Colorado Carpet Care way!

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee to remove dog and cat urine smell from your carpets! We remove the source of the odor and replace it with a gentle clean smell.Contact us today for pet stain removal in Denver and surrounding areas.