Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Fine Rug Cleaning and Care

Your fine rugs are an investment, sometimes greater in value than any other single furnishing in your home. The methods you use to clean and repair your rugs should reflect that high value.

At Colorado Carpet Care, we have the experience and skill necessary to identify your rugs’ composition and condition so that they are properly cleaned, repaired and protected to preserve their value–and appearance–for years to come.

Identifying Your RugRug Cleaning

Is your rug:

  • Persian, Oriental, Indian or other Asian Manufacture
  • Antique, Older, Middle Aged or New
  • Fine Condition or Fragile
  • Natural Fibers or Synthetic
  • Room-sized or Small

Whatever the case, we will make sure all necessary precautions are in place to treat your rug, repair it (with exact color matching to resew or repair holes, tears, frays and damaged bordering) and return it to you safely.

Guaranteed Service and Top Quality Results

As with all of our other cleaning and repair services, you receive our industry-leading guarantee on any fine rug care we perform. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and Colorado Carpet Care stands behind all of our work!

Contact us today at 303-843-6344 with any questions you may have, or to schedule a service call from one of our certified technicians!